Weekly Announcements
Sunday, October 20 
   9:00 a.m.       Sunday School
 10:15 a.m.       Worship Service
   5:00 p.m.       Preschool Choir, Fishsticks, 2H4C
                          Adult Discipleship Training
   6:00 p.m.       Evening Service
   7:00 p.m.       S.N.A.C. Night – Youth
Monday, October 21
    NO      Kidz Choir Begins
Tuesday, October 22
 10:00 a.m.       Quilting Ministry
   7:00 p.m.       Men’s Prayer Meeting
Wednesday, October 23
   8:30 a.m.        Men’s Bible Study
   5:00 p.m.        Open Gymn
   6:00 p.m.        TeamKID, Xtreme Youth
                           Adult Bible Study
   7:00 p.m.        Celebration Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, October 24
 11:00 a.m.         BASIC Choir Rehearsal
 12:00 p.m.         BASIC Fish Fry – Program: Krista Curtis
Friday, October 25
   9:30 a.m.         Prayer Group
First Facts for October 13
Sunday School – 194
Morning Worship – 237
Evening Worship – 
Nursery – October 20
AM – Kelli Sisco, Courtney Decker, Whitney Nash
2-3 yr. – Sherri Henderson, Kim Brand
PM – Jessie Harris
Bus Schedule 
Sunday, October 20 – Gary Brown (729-4915)
Sunday, October 27 – Bill Hammons (739-4399)
Deacons of the Month
October: Chris Welch (247-9470); Gary Brown (729-4915); Dan Evans (636-751-1409)
Extending Sympathy To:

News and Information

BASIC Schedule
October 24 – 11:00 a.m. – BASIC Choir Rehearsal/Fish Fry – Luncheon Speaker: Krista Curtis
October 27 – 6:00 p.m. – BASIC Choir to sing in PM Service (meet at 5:45 p.m.)
October 29 – 10:30 a.m. – Trip to College of the Ozarks to see “Four Star Country Boy” theatrical performance
November 7 – 11:00 a.m. – BASIC Choir Rehearsal
Sign-up sheets and calendars are available at the HUB across from the Welcome Center.
BASIC – Brothers and Sisters In Christ
Our group is for anyone 50 years of age and older. We minister in song to our community and enjoy activities together. Come join us for fun and fellowship. You don’t have to sign to join us!
Fall Discipleship Training Class
Sunday Evenings at 5:00 p.m.
Adults – How to Study Your Bible by Pastor Michael and Pastor Chuck
Whether you’re already a Bible teacher or just starting out, we’ve designed this class to help you become a “self-feeder” on the Word of God. We are so excited to share with you this curriculum designed to help you grow more knowledgeably in love with the Lord by studying His Word.
Preschool Choir, Fishsticks (1st-5th grades) and 2H4C (youth) also begins at the same time.
Operation Christmas Child Packing Party
It is almost time for our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party! You have all been so diligent to help with financial donations so that we can buy items for the boxes. Now it is time for it all to come together. Mark in your calendars to be here on November 6 at 6:00 p.m. to participate in packing the boxes.
This month, we are still accepting donations to use for shipping. We are expecting 150 boxes at $9.00 for an expected total of $1350. What can you give?
Kidz Choir
It’s not too late to sign up for Kidz Choir! Kidz Choir is on Mondays at 3:00 p.m. for kids in grades 1st-6th. All kids must be pre-registered in order to be picked up from school on the bus.
BASICs Fish Fry
The BASICs will be enjoying a fish fry at noon, this Thursday, October 24th after their choir rehearsal. If you are interested in joining the BASIC group, this would be a great time of fellowship! 
Save the Date
Sunday, November 3rd in the evening worship, we will “This Hope” for an encouraging night of worship. This is a free concert, however we will be taking up a love offering on the group’s behalf.
Trunk or Treat
It’s that time to collect candy for indoor trick or treat. There are drop off locations by the door of the FLC and also at the HUB. Be sure and sign up for decorating a booth this year. Sign up is at the HUB.
You’re Invited
You are invited to attend an 80th Birthday Party for Ralph Hagan on November 2nd from 1:30-4:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center.
Thank You
Thank you so much for all you have done for us during our surgeries and recovery time. Thank you for the cards, calls, visits, gifts, and most of all your prayers. We love each of you. – Jerry and Evelyn LaRue
Electronic Giving to the Church
Did you know that it is possible to simply your tithing and other contributions by giving to First Baptist electronically? Check out your banks’ bill pay options! If you need help, please call the church office.
Have You Visited Our Library
We have an extensive collection of Christian fiction by well-known authors. There are lots of other books as well as DVDs and videos. Our children’s section also has lots of books, videos and DVDs.
Need Church Info?
If you would like up-to-date information on church activities, check this out.
Text Alerts for Information about First Baptist Church
The church is using a new system to get information out about events, activities and any changes that are occurring. You can text “@2fa42a” to 81010 to receive text messages from the church. If you don’t text, you can also use email. Send an email to and be signed up to receive the alerts that way.
Hearing Assistance
The Audiovisual Committee has 14 hearing assistance units available for use in our worship services. If you need help hearing what is being said in the worship services, one of these units may help you. Contact Tim Hines or Jerry Hammons for more information.
Nursery Help Needed
Help is needed in the nursery for during morning and evening services. If you can help, see Teresa Whelan.
Quilters Wanted!
If you would like to learn to quilt, or if you are already a quilter and would like to join the ladies who quilt on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. in room C117-118, see Carol Mimms. All quilts that are made help support the Baptist Children’s Home.